Conference Dinner

The ADCS 2010 conference dinner will be a joint event with ALTA 2010, on the evening of Thursday 9 December, from 6pm.

Location: Tsubu Bar, in the 1888 building, University of Melbourne. (See the ALTA website for further location details.)

Conference Schedule

(See the location page for venue details.)

9:00Session 1: ADCS/ALTA Joint Session, Full Papers (Chair: Lawrence Cavedon)
  1. Marco Lui and Timothy Baldwin. Classifying User Forum Participants: Separating the Gurus from the Hacks, and Other Tales of the Internet
  2. Brian Curry, Andrew Trotman and Michael Albert. Extricating Meaning from Wikimedia Article Archives
  3. Alexandra Uitdenbogerd. Fun with Filtering French
  4. Zhixin Zhou, Xiuzhen Zhang and Phil Vines. Seeing the forest from trees : Blog Retrieval by Aggregating Post Similarity Scores
10:40Morning Tea
11:10Session 2: Short Papers (Chair: Falk Scholer)
  1. Abeed Sarker and Diego Molla-Aliod. A Rule-based Approach for Automatic Identification of Publication Types of Medical Papers
  2. Bevan Koopman, Peter Bruza, Laurianne Sitbon and Michael Lawley. Analysis of the effect of negation on information retrieval of medical data
  3. Kimi Sun, Anthony Nguyen, Laurianne Sitbon and Shlomo Geva. Rule-based Approach for Identifying Assertions in Clinical Free-Text Data
  4. Laurence Park. Confidence Intervals for Information Retrieval Evaluation
  5. Ying-Hsang Liu. A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Search Experience on Search Performance in Terms of the Recall Measure in Controlled IR User Experiments
12:00Industry Keynote (Chair: Andrew Turpin)
  • Matthew Kelcey. The Road to Digital
    Lonely Planet, like all print publishing businesses, is going through an interesting transition from print to digital products. This talk discusses some of the tools, content models and general challenges Lonely Planet faces as it moves further into the digital space.
2:00Session 3: Full Papers (Chair: Paul Thomas)
  1. Sri Devi Ravana and Alistair Moffat. Estimating System Effectiveness Scores With Incomplete Evidence
  2. Michiko Yasukawa and Hidetoshi Yokoo. Composition and Decomposition of Japanese Katakana and Kanji Morphemes for Decision Rule Induction from Patent Documents
  3. Hilal Al Maqbali, Falk Scholer, James A. Thom and Mingfang Wu. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Visual Summaries for Web Search
  4. Xiang-Fei Jia, Andrew Trotman and Richard O'Keefe. Efficient Accumulator initialisation
3:20Afternoon Tea
3:45Session 4: Full Papers (Chair: Andrew Trotman)
  1. Paul Thomas, Alex O'Neill and Cecile Paris. Interaction differences in web search and browse logs
  2. Mark Sanderson, Falk Scholer and Andrew Turpin. Relatively Relevant: Assessor Shift in Document Judgements
  3. Khamsum Kinley and Dian Tjondronegoro. The Impact of Users' Cognitive Style on Their Navigational Behaviors in Web Searching
  4. Rahayu A Hamid and James Thom. Criteria that have an effect on users while making image relevance judgements
  5. Kiran G V R, Ravi Shankar K and Vikram Pudi. Enhancing Document Clustering using various External Knowledge sources
5:30ADCS Business Meeting and Drinks
6:00Drinks, Prizes and Awards