Travel Awards for Students Presenting at the Fifteenth Australasian Document Computing Symposium (ADCS2010)

In order to support students to travel to ADCS2010 in Melbourne, the Conference is offering travel support to students. While it is expected that there will be four awards of approximately $500 each, the organising committee reserves the right to award more or less awards as they see fit, or to alter the amount of any awards. It is not intended that the award cover the entire cost of travel for the student.

Application Procedure

The applicant should send an email to the general chair of the conference (Andrew Turpin) indicating that they would like to apply for the award, and the amount for which they are applying. The email must be cc'ed to their primary supervisor. In the email, they should briefly outline why they should get the award ahead of other students applying. Bullet points addressing the selection criteria below would be excellent. Be sure to include your name, your supervisors name, and where you will be traveling from in the email.

The student must also arrange for their supervisor to send a separate email acknowledging that the student does indeed have student status, and that the statements made in their application are correct (to the best of their knowledge).

Note that the award will be in the form of a reimbursement of expenses, not a cash award. The awardees will only receive money upon the production of receipts for appropriate expenses, and completion of supplied forms. The reimbursement will be processed through The University of Melbourne accounts, and so may not eventuate until after the conference is complete.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be ranked according to the following criteria. Essential:
  1. The student is presenting a paper at ADCS2010.
  2. The cost for the student to travel to Melbourne is large.
  3. The student's host university and/or supervisor is unable to fund the travel.
  4. The student will stay in cheap accommodation during the conference.
  1. The student has not attended ADCS in previous years.
  2. The student has not attended any conferences during their candidature and is nearing the end of their candidature.

Closing Date

Award applications must be received by 22nd November, 2010.