Australasian Computing Education Conference 2009

Wellington, New Zealand; Jan 20 - Jan 23, 2009

ACE2009: Submitting Papers for Review

Please ensure that your paper is a suitably anonymised pdf document, and meets the requirements for double blind reviewing, see section below.

Submission of papers is managed through EasyChair,, a comprehensive conference paper management system. Firstly create your own account there, and then login and follow the prompts to submit your anonymised paper for double blind reviewing.

If there are any issues with submission, please email

Double Blind Reviewing Requirements

It is standard practice that identities of the reviewers are not made known to authors. The double blind review process extends this principle so that reviewers do not know the identity of authors. This process requires authors to refrain from identifying themselves in their own paper, and below are some considerations.

  • In place of the usual author and address details, put "Author details suppressed" in 16 point type.
  • Refrain from references to your university or campus by name. If you feel that a description of your university is in some way salient to the paper, use generalities. For example, use "our University" instead of "Maintown University of Technology".
  • Do not cite more than one of your past papers. Please remember that authors will have the opportunity to revise their accepted paper before they are printed, so you will be able to add such information into the revised version. Avoid expressions like "In earlier work we " followed by a citation of a paper authored by yourself.
  • If you have an acknowledgements section, please omit it for the blind submission.
  • Once you have a pdf copy of your paper, see how well it is blinded. Some pdf creation software includes in the document properties such details as author name, name of the document this one was created from, and so on. Some operating systems, such as Windows XP, show these details in a tool tip when the cursor hovers over the file name. A pdf document cannot be called blind if its author's name or institution appears on the screen when the cursor hovers over it, or if the author name is hidden in its properties. If your operating system does not show a document's properties in a tool tip, please be especially careful to disguise these properties, as they will show in other systems.

In general, please apply good judgement when preparing your submission, to maintain the integrity of the double blind process. Submissions that allow the author to be identified may be returned to you for editing, or may even be edited by the program chairs to remove the specific identifying material.