Australasian Computing Education Conference 2009

Wellington, New Zealand; Jan 20 - Jan 23, 2009

ACE2009: Timetable

( ACE2009timetableupdated.pdf )

Sunday and Monday (Jan 18,19) Pre-Conference Workshop 9:00-5:00

Contextualized Approaches to Computing Education (Mark Guzdial and Barbara Ericson) ... see Pre-Conference Workshop tab on left


9:00-10:00 Registration and Welcome

10.30-12.00 Keynote Address: Contextualized Computing Education (Mark Guzdial) ... see ACSW2009 website Keynote Speakers

Tuesday 1:30-3:30 An Overview of Issues in Computer Science Education
Session chair: Margaret Hamilton

What our ICT graduates need from us: A perspective from the workplace (Tony Koppi, Judy Sheard, Fazel Naghdy, Joe Chicharo, Sylvia Edwards and David Wilson)

Intervention Programmes to recruit Female Computing Students:Why do Programme Champions do it? (Annemieke Craig)

Issues Regarding Threshold Concepts in Computer Science (Janet Rountree and Nathan Rountree)

Human Fallibility: How Well Do Human Markers Agree (Debra Haley, Pete Thomas, Marian Petre and Anne de Roeck)

Tuesday 4:00-6:00 Models and Measures of CS Education
Session chair: Tony Clear

Ten Years of the Australasian Computing Education Conference (Simon)

A Citation Analysis of the ICER 2005 - 07 Proceedings (Raymond Lister, Ilona Box)

A Study of Novice Programmer Responses in Summative Assessment (Shuhaida Mohamed Shuhidan, Margaret Hamilton and Daryl D'Souza)

A model of internal factors influencing student learning of programming (Angela Carbone, Ian Mitchell, Dick Gunstone and A. John Hurst)


Wednesday 9-10 Models of Student Centred Learning
Session chair: Michael de Raadt

A Focus Group Study of Student Attitudes to Lectures (Michael Hitchens and Raymond Lister)

How Students Develop Concurrent Programs (Jan Lönnberg, Anders Berglund and Lauri Malmi)

Wednesday 1:30-3:30 Peer Learning
Session chair: Simon

Quality of student contributed questions using PeerWise (Paul Denny, Andrew Luxton-Reilly and Beth Simon)

Prize Paper: Losing their Marbles: Syntax-Free Programming for Assessing Problem-Solving Skills (Colin Fidge and Donna Teague)

ACE panel: Second Life ( Clare Atkins, Scott Diener, Nauman Saeed)

Wednesday 4:00-6:00 Collaborative Strategies
Session chair: Raymond Lister

Invited talk: A Perspective on the International Olympiad in Informatics for CS educators (Margot Phillipps and Leon Sterling)

Easing the Transition: A Collaborative Learning Approach (Katrina Falkner and David Munro)

Prize Paper: Evolution of an International Collaborative Student Project (Cary Laxer, Mats Daniels, Åsa Cajander and Michael Wollowski)


Thursday 9:00-10:00 Case Studies
Session chair: John Hurst

Experiences in Teaching Quality Attribute Scenarios (Ewan Tempero)

A People-First Approach to Programming (Donna Teague)

Thursday 1:30-3:30 The Learning Experience
Session chair: Judy Sheard

Teaching and Assessing Programming Strategies Explicitly (Michael de Raadt, Richard Watson and Mark Toleman)

Surely We Must Learn to Read before We Learn to Write! (Simon, Mike Lopez, Ken Sutton and Tony Clear)

Invited talk: The BRACElet 2009.1 (Wellington) Specification (Jacqueline Whalley, Raymond Lister)

Thursday 4:00-5:00

SIGCSE Meeting

Friday 9:00-5:00

BRACElet Workshop (Raymond Lister) ... see Post-Conference Workshop tab on left