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Distributed Software Engineering and Architecture (DSEA) is a discipline group established in 2007 within the school of Computer Science and Information Technology at RMIT University.

Software Engineering is the application of engineering to software---a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software---and the study of approaches to software engineering as just defined (IEEE Computer Society, paraphrased).

DSEA focuses on software engineering, especially for distributed computer systems, and component-based software engineering and software architecture.

Distributed systems, in particular embedded and connected systems are the fastest growing sector in information and communication technology. Software for distributed systems is a key driver for innovation across all sectors of business and society in all OECD countries with 70% of their GDP in services.

Component-based software engineering and software architectures have become hallmarks for distributed systems software development because of their importance to modelling, specification and design of complex distributed software systems.




Postgraduate students

Students supervised by our staff (non-RMIT students are noted) include:


Our members' research includes the following areas:

Research Projects

Current / recent research projects involving our members include:



Our discipline group is responsible for the following programs; our staff teach several software engineering courses offered within them.

Bachelor of Software Engineering (the official RMIT web site still uses an old title for this program)

Master of Technology (Enterprise Architecture)

Student projects and internships

Projects and the experience gained in team project environments are integral elements in RMIT's software engineering programs, involving exposure to exciting, innovative technologies and tools while reinforcing many aspects of software engineering practice taught in other courses.

An industry internship program is a feature of RMIT's Bachelor of Software Engineering at the third year level. Past employers include Ericsson Australia, Agilent Technologies and CSIRO. RMIT students with an interest in DSEA-related areas may find the internships linked below relevant:

The Software Engineering Post-Graduate Project (COSC 2273) (corporate site at yoursoftware.com.au) is a full-time course giving hands-on practical experience developing software. The project encompasses a real project environment, project management & delivery based on standard software development and delivery principles. A corporate environment is emulated in a dedicated physical space hosted by RMIT (yoursoftware.com.au). Students are mentored by industry practitioners with real management experience in formal and informal settings. Project sponsors in 2007 were: GTS Interactive, EIN, IComm Mobility, IBM, Australian Philatelic Society and the City of Melbourne.


Courses under our discipline (some of these are managed by other groups):

Industry collaborations

Collaborations and memberships (current and recent) involving our staff include:

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