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-- Proceedings now available online on Springer Verlag --
1.A Pragmatic Approach for RDFS Reasoning over Large Scale Instance Data
Tugba Ozacar, Ovunc Ozturk, Murat Osman Unalir
3.Scalability of OWL Reasoning: Role condensates
Ralf Möller, Sebastian Wandelt
4.Parallelizing Tableaux-Based Description Logic Reasoning
Thorsten Liebig, Felix Müller
5.URI Identity Management for Semantic Web Data Integration and Linkage
Afraz Jaffri, Hugh Glaser, Ian Millard
6.Hawkeye: A Practical Large Scale Demonstration of SemanticWeb Integration
Zhengxiang Pan, Abir Qasem, Sudhan Kanitkar, Fabiana Prabhakar, Jeff Heflin
9.Modular Web Queries—From Rules to Stores
Uwe Aßmann, Sacha Berger, François Bry, Tim Furche, Jakob Henriksson, Jendrik Johannes
12.An Evaluation of Triple-Store Technologies for Large Data Stores
Kurt Rohloff, Mike Dean, Ian Emmons, Dorene Ryder, John Sumner
18.Adaptive Semantic Interoperability Strategies for Knowledge Based Networking
Song Guo, John Keeney, Declan O'Sullivan, David Lewis
19.Leveraging the Expressivity of Grounded Conjunctive Query Languages
Alissa Kaplunova, Ralf Moeller, Michael Wessel