Foundations of Intelligent Agents

A/Prof. Marcus Hutter

Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering (RSISE)
Australian National University

Date and time: 11:30am - 12:30pm, Friday June 24, 2010

Venue: IS Common Area: Floor 8, Bulding 14


I will give an introduction to generic learning agents, and will discuss two recent instantiations. Agent applications are ubiquitous in commerce and industry, and the sophistication, complexity, and importance of these applications is increasing rapidly; they include speech recognition systems, vision systems, search engines, auto-pilots, spam filters, and robots. Systems of the last century had the problem that they were usually specialized to a narrow domain and require considerable input from agent designers during construction. One can greatly reduce this effort by constructing agents that can automatically acquire (learn) during deployment much of the required knowledge. This results in intelligent agents that are more adaptive and that can operate successfully in a wider range of environments. The two theoretical models presented in this talk fall into the framework of reinforcement learning.

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